THE Opportunity


The ICT sector plays a vital role in the societal and economic development as one of the key drivers of the South African economy. While a degree of consolidation takes place among key players, new opportunities continue to emerge as technology advances, giving rise to new business opportunities.  
In a population of 61M people, only half of the population (+31M) have access to the internet.
While Mobile penetration is high, affordable fixed internet access (Wi-Fi) in homes, schools and work places is low. 
5G footprint among among all operators estimated at < 1% in 2022.
 90% (28M) of all internet users use smartphones as their primary method of access.
The country continues to exhibit  a rise in the consumption of digital content, across all demographics and geographics. 
 SA is a relatively immature market in the adoption and use of AI, IoT and Cloud, presenting new service opportunities.